Corporate And
Commercial Law

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Corporate and Commercial Law Practice

The firm has vast expertise and experience in the corporate and commercial law sector. It provides legal advice and opinions to the companies, corporate investors and financial institutions it represents. It reviews agreements and other documents prepared by its clients. It conducts research on legal issues, drafts and scrutinizes specialized legal opinions on issues of a commercial and general nature relating to the business and operations of its clients. FRC participates in the negotiations of different types of Agreements (Trusteeship documents, Concession Agreements, International commercial contracts, Franchise Agreement etc) as well as other Corporate Technical Agreements on behalf of its clients. It routinely advises its corporate clients on the returns that must be filed annually and on full compliance with regulatory requirements. Generally, it provides needs-specific professional services for all its clients in whatever area of law is required and the firm collaborates with other law firms whenever the need arises in order to ensure that it gives in-depth legal advice and services to all its clients in needs-specific areas of law such as Aviation Law, Energy Law, Communication Law, Oil and Gas Law etc