Property And
Real Estate

Over the years, we've nurtured our
commitment to delivering perfection on every
Real Estate project.

The firm ventured into the real estate business a few years ago and has over time, developed an extensive property portfolio, commercial and non-commercial. On behalf of its clients, FRC engages in different aspects of property and real estate transactions. These include, but are not limited to real estate acquisition-related issues such as conducting searches and deducing title of properties proposed to be acquired by its clients, drafting title documents such as leases, Tenancy Agreements, financing and re-financing of construction projects documents etc. The firm has wide experience in the engrossment and perfection of Title Documents and has over time, established valuable business rapport with officials of the different government ministries and agencies involved in the process of obtaining governor’s consent and perfection of title.

Contingent upon the particular requirements, FRC represents the whole spectrum of players in the real estate sphere, viz buyers, sellers, lenders/financiers, brokers, estate agents, developers etc. The firm also engages in real estate litigation.