Real Estate

With decades of experience in the industry, the Firm has developed an extensive property and real estate portfolio and we are extremely active in the entire value chain of real estate and construction law. On behalf of our clients, we engage in all aspects of property and real estate transactions. These include real estate acquisition-related services such as conducting searches and deducing title of properties proposed to be acquired by its clients, drafting title documents such as leases, tenancy agreements, deeds, financing and re-financing of construction projects documents amongst others. With wide experience in the engrossment and perfection of title documents, FRC has over time and for this purpose established invaluable rapport with officials of government ministries, agencies and parastatals.

Furthermore, our clients have benefited greatly from our corporate practice so that in dealing with large scale estates or construction projects, we are able to work with them to design innovative transactional structures that best suit the projects they have designed.

We do not only deliver our best by representing our clients in drafting and negotiation of construction contracts and agreements, we also assist in solving legal challenges encountered or likely to be encountered in designing, development, financing, performance and management of construction contracts. Our counsels are familiar with the different types of construction industry standard forms of contracts such as FIDIC, Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) etc. assisting our clients to identify and allocate risks to the party best able handle each identified risks.

Our construction law team not only provides advisory roles but also regulatory and compliance services are rendered to our clients.

Another strength we leverage on in this area of our practice is working with clients on financing requirements of their projects.

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