I must say that in the first week I felt slightly stifled by the pressure of adapting to a new environment, remembering everyone’s names, remembering where is where and what is where and also performing my tasks. However, by the second week, I had settled in and gained my balance. I was drawn in by the quiescent working space. The heartily rendered assistance of the any of the staff when needed also made working a lot easier and settling in much more easier.
I must also say, that Funmi Roberts and co is not a firm to overbear an intern with inundating work because he/she is ‘required’ to work, the display of a lazy attitude might mean he/she will end up learning nothing, however, with the right attitude and an interest to learn, I was able to gain considerable invaluable knowledge and experience at Funmi Roberts and Co.
Within the period of just a month, Funmi Roberts and Co taught me invaluable lessons and values. Apart from increasing my knowledge of the law significantly, I learnt the value of teamwork, the importance of time and how best to meet deadlines. (Among other things) I also gained knowledge on the little things that always make a difference such as proper mailing etiquette, the etiquettes of writing a letter and the importance of order and organisation in a work place. In all, I can say I became better rounded as a person.
My FRC internship experience was one of challenges, lessons and betterment. It was one of work, fun and more work. It was a potpourri of scintillating experiences.


Before FRC, I haven’t had prior experience of interning at a law firm or any legal related establishment.
Prior to my application, I set out to look for a law firm that was reputable, renowned and made key impacts in the field of law. However, FRC, ticked all the boxes, as it is not only organized but also holds an edge over contemporary firms due to its sophisticated and advanced system of computer networks that allow for files and online projects to be shared on the go without unnecessary difficulty.
My experience at this firm within the allocated month and 15 days that I spent here has been nothing short of educational as I have learnt not just academically important aspects of study but also morals and work ethics have been duly learnt during my stay.
During my rather short stay at this firm, I have learnt all about Corporate and Commercial Law even though I wasn’t in any way accustomed to this prior to my enrollment however I have also had the privilege to share from the wealth of knowledge and experience of well-seasoned lawyers and solicitors as they have been of great help to me.
 I cannot but over-emphasise and state that although it seemed tough from the start as everyone from the front desk through to the lawyers demanded and expected nothing short of the best even from us interns and corpers and if that wasn’t delivered they didn’t hesitate to voice their displeasure.
Performing duties like corporate searches for banks and property searches for individuals or companies, I was made to feel like an important part of this firm from day-to-day. I even had the chance to attend meetings at the conference room and share my ideas and to my surprise and pleasure, I was assigned my none other than Mrs. Funmi Roberts herself to carry out certain roles that seemed very important at the time.
I was also opportune to attended a lecture about Government and Good
Governance after being invited by Mrs. Roberts and this also played a great part in my development, as a young lad studying law being able to see and interact with great and important lawyers holding titles like SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) and Emeritus professors is nothing short of an astounding exposure into an already grossing field.
All in all, to say thank you wouldn’t be enough to the FRC family who quickly welcomed me as one of their own, a big appreciation is on the cards here and I shall never forget their impact in my life as a growing legal practitioner.